Modular houses

We are Your partner in creating unique and stylish modular houses!

We specialize in the production and sale of mini houses and modular houses, offering a full service from the development of plans to turnkey construction.

Choose colors, layouts and even add a sauna to your mini house – there's no limit to your imagination!

We offer the opportunity to choose the equipment for your home. From an empty hall to fully equipped rooms, the choice is yours.

Individual solutions

modular house

moodulmaja mira pruun
  • mööbleeritud moodulmaja plaan

    Furnished house

  • moodulmaja plaan koos kööginurga ja duširuumiga

    House with kitchenette and shower room

  • moodulmaja plaan koos saunaga

    House with sauna

*the area of the modular house MIRA is 19.5 m2; Buildings smaller than 20 m2 do not require a building permit!
You can find more information about interior and exterior finishing here

Professional construction

We help build the foundation, ensuring a quality result in every aspect. In addition, our homes are made of premium materials, providing durability and a reliable living environment.

Planning and equipment

Choose the layout that reflects your unique style. Our selection includes different levels of equipment - from empty houses to fully furnished homes with both furniture and appliances. Your choice, your convenience!

A safe place
to shop

Our company offers the reassurance that it is a safe place to shop, where every purchase comes with a guarantee from us. Most of our wide range of models are available immediately, ensuring a quick and convenient purchasing process.

Choose your mini house from our wide selection of modular houses

Watch the video tour of the modular house MIRA

Delivery of modular houses

We deliver assembled houses to the customer's site all over Estonia using a crane manipulator. Delivery charges depend on time and location.
kraanaauto tõstab minimaja

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Shipping and storage Containers / Site Huts / Saunas

Sales and consutruction

Modular houses / Construction of site huts

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